• New ACC/AHA Aortic Disease Guideline
    The newest clinical guideline from the ACC and the American Heart Association (AHA) aims to guide clinicians in the diagnosis and management of patients with aortic disease. Specifically, the 2022 ACC/AHA Guideline for the Diagnosis and Management of Aortic Disease provides recommendations regarding diagnosis, genetic evaluation and family screening, medical therapy, endovascular and surgical treatment, and long-term surveillance across multiple … Read more
  • ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus
    ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus is an update to the American College of Cardiology ASCVD Risk Estimator that uses recent science and user feedback to help a clinician and patient build a customized risk lowering plan by estimating and monitoring change in 10 year ASCVD risk. Use the app to: Choose specific sections, or download the entire PDF Guide. PreambleSince 1980, … Read more
  • Guiding Principles and Member Guidance: Maternal CV Care
    *The following guiding principles and member guidance regarding maternal cardiovascular care are intended help members as they continue to provide the highest levels of care to patients following the recent Supreme Court decision on Dobbs vs. Jackson. They can also be accessed on Background: The ACC has long advocated for patients engaging with their doctor and the cardiovascular care … Read more